CXL Institute Week 2 | Google Analytics

What is google analytics?

Google Analytics is the world’s most popular digital Analytics tool for a reason. Using it enables you to start focusing on the right stuff and allocating marketing resources wisely. Google Analytics data helps improve the product, marketing, and strategy decisions – in no time.
What are the key questions google analytics tries to answer?

Who are your users?

Where are those users coming from?

What are actions are those users taking?

What are the results of the actions the users are taking?

What are some google analytics basics?

When do you, and when do you not use google analytics?

Companies usually know the input and the output of how they are making money, but they don’t usually know HOW.  The HOW is usually a bunch of different mediums i.e blogs, social, email, etc. With analytics, we can create a roadmap of where these customers are coming and going to map out their direction. Google Analytics will measure all of the actions and behaviors of the users to give a better picture of HOW a company is making money.

What are the two different versions of google analytics?

  • Small businesses

Google Analytics is free for small businesses there is a vast amount of features.

  • Enterprise

After a business too big, it needs to upgrade to enterprise because of the amount of data that is needed.

How does Google analytics fit in the measurement Ecosystem?

What is google tag manager?

(Google Tag Manager > Google Analytics > Google Data Studio)

Google tag manager collects information for you.

What is google analytics?

(Google Tag Manager > Google Analytics > Google Data Studio)

Google Analytics stores the information collected from Google Tag Manager

What is google data studio?

(Google Tag Manager > Google Analytics > Google Data Studio)

Google Data Studio is what presents the data that is stored from google analytics.

How do you install Google Analytics?

  1. Go to
  2.  Go to Admin >  Property Settings >  Tracking Info > Tracking Code
  • Tracking ID: #####
  • Go to Website Tracking and copy&paste code
  • Google Tag Manager (Favorite) (You can set up google analytics through tag manager)

How do you use the Google Analytics demo account?

Google Analytics account and “Request authorization”

Using reports?

What are the different types of reports in Google analytics?

The three different report types

  • Overview –  “A broad view for that particular section”
  • Technology Browser –  “Table reports
  • Flow – “Shows the flow with maps”

A flow report shows the path step by step of one page or even to the next. This report shows how content keeps the user engaged, as well as the content that may be causing potential issues.

Good uses for flow reports are:

  • Volume of traffic
  • Volume in each step
  • Rate of abandonment
  • Where users backtracked

Another type of report that is very useful is under e-commerce under goals show a funnel visualization reports. Which can show different page funnels that you have created.

What are Dimensions & Metrics?

Dimensions – Dimensions are sorted, and are Qualitative (i.e Pages, Categories, etc.)

Metrics – Metrics are the numbers you could arithmetic with  Quantitative stats. (i.e  Vistors, Views, Conversions)

Metrics are calculated as

  • Overview totals – Where the metric is displayed as a summary statistic for your entire sites, such as bounce rate or total pageviews.
  • In association with one or more reporting dimensions – Where the metric value is qualified by selected dimension(s)/

What are some features available on reports?

All pages (Is going to be the most used feature)

Behavior> Site content> All pages (This report lights up all visitors are seeing.) This table report where you will spend a lot of time.
*Most of your time spent will be on the table reports.

Using Admin?

How do you use Google analytics Structure?


This is your actual google analytics account


One account can have multiple properties


(Anything that is related to each other and you would like to see the relationship between the properties.)


GA can have multiple views per property but are meant to answer specific answers.

What is, and how to use Managing User Settings?


Creating accounts, properties, and views?







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